As we start to move to the higher miles it's so important to really take care of your body. Post recovery is just as important as your long runs. I've talked about some of the post run ways to recovery; stretching (immediately after your run, eating properly, hydration and basic rest). Recovery doesn't end here. Here are some tips that I highly recommend.

Ice baths: Don't put ice in a bath tub and expect to jump in and be okay. Here is my tip. Put on a bath suit first. Fill a small container with ice. Next, fill your bath with 6 inches of lukewarm water in the bath and then sit down. Slowly add the ice to the water to get your body acclimated to the cold. When you get out you'll feel so much better!

Cryotherapy: Restore, West Hartford, Imagine Float, Avon are two local places that offer Cryotheraphy. This is basically the same as an ice bath but it's only 3 minutes! It maybe the longest 3 minutes of your life, but trust me if your legs are sore, when you walk out you'll feel like a new person.

Recovery tools: Kim and I have everything from a foam roller, Addaday pro stick massage roller, trigger point ball, Hypervolt massage gun to Normatec compression boots. I have to say my favorites are the Addaday pro stick and Normatec compression boots. I use the Addaday pro stick at night when I'm watching TV, and I use the Normatec compression boots when I get home from marathon training.

Massage: Get a sports massage! I use the Healing Trail in Harwinton, but there are so many. If you can recommend a massage therapist please share if with me and I can add it to our newsletter.

Rest Days: I know I've talked about rest days before but trust me your body needs to recover! Take that much deserved day to take care of your body.

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