First Long Run Prep

First Long run prep

This will be a great opportunity for everyone to get a "test run" before your marathon.  It's close to the same distance, so this is your chance to prepare.

Hydration: Start hydrating a few days before the run. I typically start drinking extra water during the week.

Increase carbs: I start  increasing carbs the same as hydration - about 3 days before the marathon instead of stuffing myself with pasta the night before. Click here for a great article on "How to" carb load.

Night before: Lay your clothes out that you'll be running in. This is great practice for your "flat runner" photos with your bib, shoes, socks, watch.  I have a marathon check list that I use to make sure I have everything.  Click HERE to view my checklist.

Sleep: Get a good night sleep!  Go to bed early and turn your phones off.

Dedicate miles:  Call your friends, and let them know that you are running 20 miles.  Tell them which miles that you will be dedicating and when you get to that mile, think of that person.  They'll be thinking about you too - I just think this positive energy helps!

Remain positive:  Tell yourself positive thoughts like: "trust your training", "you got this",  don't freak out because you WILL be fine.  Break the route into chunks.  Instead of thinking of this route as 20 miles, think of it as 2 mile increments - just get to the next water stop!  

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